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More than 12 million users across the globe use Dashlane to manage their passwords. Dashlane is a password manager that stores passwords, auto-fills forms, and keeps your data safely accessible with an all-in-one app. It was initially released in October 2012.

Password managers can make your life much simpler, allowing you to store individual website passwords and accessing them through just a single master password. Dashlane is supported across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also has extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. They are one of the big ones.

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256-bit AES encryption
Respectable speed
No live support
Yes - for premium users
Multi-factor authorization
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  • Adds a ton of valuable features such as a VPN.
  • Has support for third-party authentication devices like FIDO.
  • Supported on most operating systems.
  • Easy to use.


  • Free service is very restricted and basically only a trial.
  • The macOS app can crash at times.
  • Autofill doesn’t always work.

Security & Technology

Security is obviously a top priority for any password manager and Dashlane is no different. In addition to the standard 256-bit AES encryption and salted hashes used by other services, Dashlane adds some extra security features. The digital wallet allows you to keep your account details private while the VPN improves your browsing safety.

Dashlane also provides two-factor authentication. A verification code is sent to your email each time you try to login to a new device. Dashlane also supports third party authentication methods including apps such as Google Authenticator and hardware methods like FIDO U2F. This allows the use of the cheapest YubiKey device, something that isn’t supported by LastPass.

Speed and Latency

Dashlane is a quick and responsive password manager. It can be a bit slow sometimes but overall, it maintains respectable connection speeds.

Support and Logging

Dashlane keeps some logs but the company claims that these are only for maintenance and debugging purposes in case of any crashes. Some users are uncomfortable with this tracking but Dashlane cannot see any of your passwords or where you use them.


Dashlane lets the user save up to 50 passwords on its free plan service. This service is also restricted by just one device. This means that, unless you have very low requirements, you won’t be able to use just the free plan. So, Dashlane is pretty much a paid-only service. It does make up for it by providing some useful extra features though.

You can sample their premium plan with a free 30-day trial. For 3.33$ a month, their premium plan offers endless passwords across unlimited devices and 1GB of storage for your passwords and any other personal files you may want to keep. There are also additional features such as Dark Web Monitoring, which will let you know if any of your information has leaked out onto the Dark Web. There is also an included VPN service that you can use to browse more securely.

So Is It Worth It?

All in all, it can seem difficult to start using a password manager but Dashlane is a great app to start. It couples password management with other value-added services which make using it worth the while. It’s not hard to use and does a great job at providing hassle-free password management.